PL1111 +FZ1111


GIVI Top Case Mount (FZ111) and Side Case Mounts (PL1111) for the Honda NC700X (12-14).  These mounts will take the GIVI E55 Maxia / Mexia 3 Tech, E52 Maxia / E52 Maxia Tech, V47 / V47 Tech / V47NN / V47NN Tech, V46 / V46 Tech, E460, B33, and the TRK 52N Trekker Monokey systems.  With the Monolock plate the B47 Blade / B47Blade Tech, B37 Blade / B37 Blade Tech, E470 Simply 111 / E470Simply 111 Tech, E450 Simply 11, E370  E370 Tech, E340 Vision / E340 Vision Tech, B33, B300N / E300NT / E300BE30RNMALD, and E260 Micro 11 can be used.

The Side mounts will accept the TRK33N / TRK46N Trekker, E41 Keyless, E360, E22, and E21 Cruiser Monokey cases.