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A Twinmax is a electronic differential gauge.  It looks at two sources of vacuum and tells you what the difference is. 

When you are synchronizing throttle bodies or carbs, the difference is the information that is most important.

Any imbalance of the carbs or throttle bodies results in poor performance, reduced throttle response, increased fuel consumption, excessive vibration, and stress on internal engine parts.

Regular balancing of your carbs or throttle bodies with the Twinmax will ensure your engine performs at its best.

What can I use it on??  Any twin or more cylinder with more than one carb or throttle body. 

It's electronic, no moving parts, mercury, or weights.  Accurate within 1mm of mercury.

Isn't the Twinmax more difficult with 4 cylinder machines?  It's faster because you are not trying to figure out that is happening with bouncing needles or columns mercury.  Even with gauges or carbs sticks you are doing two at a time.  i.e. three to four, three to two, and three to one.  With the Twinmax you have an analog gauge left 3 to 0 to right 3.  When the needle is over the 0, those cylinders are done, move to the next.  Three steps and your done.  

Every thing you need: instructions, battery, and reducers for any carb or throttle body with vacuum takeoffs.

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